Zanna Bianca (Italian Edition)

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Beauty Smith and his lead henchmen, Hall, then sneak into the mission hut and take Mitsah hostage, and shoots Father Oatley dead as he attempts to stop them. Scott, White Fang, and a horde or irate villagers give chase. Smith attempts to sweep away his pursuers by blowing up a dam. But White Fang jumps upon Smith and saves the day by gnashing at the villain's wrist.

The following day, the remainder of the townspeople, including Scott, Kurt, Sister Evangelina, and Mitsha sail away from the abandoned town down the river in a steamboat as a tearful Mitsah is distraught over the loss of both his father and beloved hound. But at the last minute, White Fang reappears, swimming from the riverbank after the departing boat and is soon reunited with Mitsah once again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dizionario del western all'italiana. Mondadori, Il Mereghetti - Dizionario dei film. Dalai Editore, Dizionario del cinema italiano: I film.

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Gremese, Films directed by Lucio Fulci. Jack London 's White Fang. The Call of the Wild White Wolf anime movie.

Films of Harry Alan Towers. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Team of the film Zanna Bianca seen posing for the camera at the News Photo - Getty Images

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