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From Scottish single malts, like The Glenrothes 10 Years Old, to beautiful blends by established Japanese distillers, we have more than whiskies from all over the world. Each one has been profiled by flavour, such as light and floral or rich and smoky, to help you find the right gift or to match with your occasion.

Rum doesn't always need a mixer - as more and more people are discovering, it can be delicious sipped neat or over ice. The various styles of rum also make it the most versatile of spirits. Discover a whole new world of flavour from spiced to navy strength. Choose from juniper-driven styles to new trendsetting flavoured gins such as rhubarb or elderflower. Discover British gins you won't find in your local store, as well as the most loved brands that have perfected botanical blending over hundreds of years.

Rediscover Cognac. This spirit is no longer for old men in smoking jackets, but is a sophisticated drink to be enjoyed with friends.

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Our Cognac range includes favourite brands such as Courvoisier and vintage rarities. Topping up your fridge? Why not add a few beers or a case to your basket.

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  • Our selection includes traditional ales, lagers and craft brewers, and we've also added a few ciders to cater for everyone's taste. There's no better time to ensure your spirits cabinet is fully stocked with timeless classics that friends and family will always enjoy. This spring serve Champagne with a splash of Chambord, try Baileys over ice cream or St-Germain mixed with gin in a martini is a creative twist on a classic. Be bold, experiment, have fun! Anyone who's a fan of vodka will be heartened to hear that the spirit is at the start of an exciting new chapter, with distillers moving away from neutral flavours and instead looking for unique ingredients to enhance their spirit.

    Product Comparison. The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. Please refine your selection. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. What is Gin? Early physicians tried gin-like elixirs to treat plague in the s. What is Whiskey? Whiskey is a broad category that includes Bourbon, Scotch, rye whiskey, Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Japanese whiskey, and more. While all these types of whiskey are indeed whiskey, not all whiskeys are scotch, or bourbon, or Irish whiskey, etc.

    The determining factor that makes each of these unique is the process in which it is made, and where. Learn more about Whiskey and its history at our Guide to Whiskey! What is Bourbon? Rye was the crop of choice for them, because it was easier to establish than the traditional barley. But when settlers pushed west to Kentucky, which had gained a reputation for fertile soil and pure spring waters, corn became the base material for their whiskey, and it established a style that Kentucky could call its own.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is much more to learn about Bourbon. What is Scotch? Scotch, quite simply, is whisky made and aged at least three years in Scotland.

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    All whisky made in Scotland is Scotch and must follow specific production regulations. All Scotch varieties fall within two broad categories or are blends of these two: malt whisky and grain whisky. Malt whisky must be percent malted barley. Grain whisky may include wheat, rye, corn or other grains.

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    Basic Scotch styles include:. Learn more about Scotch at our Guide to Scotch Whisky! What is Cognac Brandy? Not surprisingly, the region was first a wine-producing area. In the mids, however, Cognac merchants began to distill some of their wines, making them more stable for transport to export markets in the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland. Demand and reputation quickly followed, and in the following decades the Cognac area mostly dispensed with winemaking, to specialize in spirits.

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    The Champagne cognacs are typically elegant, with flowery aromas; cognacs from the outer appellations have more fruit-forward scents. The chief grape used to make cognac is Ugni Blanc, an acidic white grape that produces a low-alcohol wine well-suited for distillation. Wines made from other grapes, such as Folle Blanche and Colombard, may also be distilled in the mix. Learn more about this spirit at our Guide to Cognac Brandy!

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