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Next, in her spare time, she began to brainstorm ideas for her own products. How could she invent something even better than the hair and skincare products that she was currently selling? She kept working and trying to figure out how to make a better shampoo. Not long after, she met a man. Soon, they were married and she had another daughter. With a growing family and more financial resources, they moved to Denver, Colorado. Now that she was in a new town, she reinvented herself.

She dropped everything to become a surfer — the inspiring story of Monica Guo

Her new husband helped. He had a knack for advertising and promotion, and soon the two of them had their own line of hair products. After that, she hit the streets and was no longer selling just a product. She was selling something she had put her heart and soul into.

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It was something that was working and personally helping her. Soon, she was teaching the other women in the community how to groom and style their own hair. She taught them what to avoid and saved many from the harsh chemicals that resulted in the hair loss and pain that had plagued them. At 21, her daughter began running the mail order division of their business and managed the Denver operations. She held down the fort at home so that Sarah and her husband could travel around the southeastern US to find places to expand further. A few years later, the family relocated to Pittsburgh.

There, they opened a beauty parlor and salon, and a college to train new team members. The couple also created a new salon in Indianapolis and another in New York City. They began building or acquiring houses, factories, salons, labs, and schools to train a large group of salespeople. She was leading a movement. By this time, her company employed thousands of women as sales agents. And they created jobs for over 20, women. Madam CJ Walker came from nothing and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history.

Just a fraction of these trials would crush most people. She had faced the dark night of the soul and triumphed. She learned how to love and care for a single person, her daughter. In doing so, she had learned to love and appropriately value herself. By valuing herself she created a product to stop the ways in which she was hurting.

Now she was in a position to reduce the suffering of everyone else facing a similar problem. She had gone through the proving fire of circumstance and mastered fate. Her business continued to thrive 62 years after her death and sold to Sephora in Madam CJ Walker blazed a trail and left a path for others to follow. Along the way, she would repeat one of her favorite sayings to anyone she met who was struggling or aspiring to greatness.

That saying is simple, powerful, and still rings true today:. Get up and make them. Tweet WomenWhoInspire.

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The Void and I: A Story About Everything

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