Readings in Classical Rhetoric

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Robertson, Jr.

Part II: Invention. Part III: Arrangement. Cicero, De Inventione, Translated by H. Part IV: Style.

Catalog Record: Readings in classical rhetoric | HathiTrust Digital Library

Cicero, Orator, Translated by H. Demetrius, On Style, Translated by G. Longinus, On the Sublime, Translated by A. Part V: Memory and Delivery. Appendix, Chronology of Classical Rhetoric.

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Rhetoric -- the theory of oral discourse -- affected and indeed pervaded all aspects of classical thought. Bearing the stamp of its impact were the Homeric hymns, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Aeschylus' Eumenides, the great dramatic tragedies, the elegiac and lyric poetry, and the literature of the Romans, often formed in the Greek image. The rhetorical notion of probability had direct implications for the classical philosopher and mathematician as it does today.

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Departments of speech, English, philosophy and classics provide the key centers of interest in the new and the classical rhetorics. Despite the considerable enthusiasm for the study of rhetoric, no single work provides large selections of primary materials written by the classical rhetoricians themselves.

Classical Rhetorical Theory

Until now, only secondary sources containing tiny excerpts, or entire and expensive translations of the ancient rhetorical writings were available. If you are writing about a theoretical text, you will select one paragraph whose significance you will analyze both in terms of the key propositions it makes and in terms of its role in the text as a whole.

If you are writing about a literary text you will select a passage or a sonnet for rhetorical analysis. How are invention, arrangement, and diction evident in the text and what purposes do they serve?

Cicero on Rhetoric: Ethos, Pathos, Logos (Old Western Culture)

All papers will open with a block quote of the text you are writing about. Late papers will not be accepted short of medical or family emergency.

Bestselling Series

Home Syllabus. Classical Rhetoric 9. Renaissance Rhetoric and "Copia" Shakespeare's World , pp. Modern Rhetoric and the Sublime Written Assignments You will have a written assignment of pages due every week with the exception of the first week of class, the week before fall break, and the last week of class.