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Cut to six months later and there is Not Too Sweet, a gorgeous little…. Kalki Hari arrives at Indragarh to find out that his brother has been taken prisoner, his beloved is about to be butchered, and the city is embroiled in a ghastly war with the…. They are not polished, they are not sophisticated, but they have spoken to several generations.

There are demonesses falling in love with their prey.

New Style Asian Food

There is a…. A toe-curling, spine-tingling tale with a mix of fantastic creatures and unforgettable characters! Although we are looking for collections from all Asian American families, we are particularly interested in collecting more South Asian and Southeast Asian stories, which are currently underrepresented in our archive. CAAM will digitize personal home movie collections in exchange for the donation of the electronic copy to be uploaded to the Internet Archive.

U.S. Defense Strategy

After digitization, the original collection will be returned along with a DVD copy. We can also provide the digital files, if provided with a hard drive. Participating in this program helps us accomplish our mission of preserving Asian American history! Email us at memoriestolight caamedia. CAAM is co-producing The Asian Americans , the first-ever documentary series that will look at ways in which the Asian experience in the United States illuminates the larger American story and we want to include home movies!

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Admission is cheap: 4. Medrano told me. For Mr.

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As a teenager Mr. Kojima worked in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, now a museum , gutting sockeye salmon and salting herring.

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Kojima recalled, as we inspected lemon sole, Dungeness crab and sockeye salmon arrayed in Styrofoam boxes on the decks of trollers and seiners moored against the dock. Come here at 6 in the morning, and everybody on the dock is speaking Chinese.

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That evening I sat down with Stephanie Yuen, a Hong Kong-born freelance food writer and cookbook author, at Parklane, a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of coastal Guangdong. At Ms. Zhou now cooks in the Chiuchow tradition, where the emphasis is put on letting fish and vegetables express their natural flavors through poaching, steaming and light stir-frying.

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  5. The water here is much less polluted. Their kitchen sources all of their seafood and greens from suppliers in Richmond and Vancouver. Toronto has a lot of high-end, expense-account eating.

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    But Richmond is superlative. To illustrate his point, Mr. Man lifted up one of the steamed rice rolls from the plate we were sharing — its wrapper had the elasticity of the finest of French crepes. Our next stop, Golden Paramount , was a different kind of dim-sum experience.

    Beneath a tattered awning in a nondescript strip mall on Park Road, we entered a parlor-like room with a dozen or so tables.

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    5. Families were bent over round tables, intent on their won tons and steamed buns; a grandmotherly woman next to us played mah-jongg on her smartphone. Man said, surveying the room.

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      For the har gow, a dumpling that is the measure of any dim-sum restaurant, Mr. Man awarded Golden Paramount high marks: a bite pierced the translucent wheat-tapioca wrapper, yielding a burst of plump, sweet prawn. Man, holding up a particularly crispy example. The point is the delicateness of the frying.